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About Your Shoot

I am quite excited for our upcoming shoot. There is NO NEED to be nervous about doing a shoot with me.  This sheet may answer a few common questions you may have about the shoot so you can feel totally comfortable in front of the lens.


What To Wear

The most common question my clients ask me is what to wear.  Fortunately, we can make almost any thing work well, so don’t worry about it too much. 


In general, plain-colored clothing photographs the best.  If you have a design or graphic on your shirt, it can distract the viewer from seeing YOU--the star of the photo.  If you don’t like wearing plain-colored clothing, consider clothes that would distract the viewer as little as possible. When dressing a family, outfits in complimentary colors tend to make for pleasing photographs. Don’t feel as though family members must be dressed in identical items (such as white t-shirts and blue jeans), unless that is the type of look you specifically desire in your photos.


When people dress up for a shoot, they may want to put on layers of clothing to “dress it up.”  Sometimes, this may disappoint clients when viewing the resulting photos, because the extra bulk can make the model look... bulky.  One simple shirt with possibly a jacket on top is about all the layering you’ll want to do. 


If you cannot decide what clothes to wear, feel free to bring two or three outfits and change between them during the shoot.  It’s often nice to have the choice of a dressier or more sophisticated outfit as well as a more casual, “everyday” outfit that reflects a sense of your own or your child’s own personality. Women often like to bring scarves or jewelry that can change the look of an outfit on the fly to try different things. 


Women can feel free to wear their make-up as always.  However, please refrain from using tanning beds or going tanning outdoors in the week before your shoot.  While tanning can give your skin a nice dark glow, it is likely to make your skin look orange in photos soon after tanning.  Best to wait until after the shoot. 


A Client’s Guide to Posing

I like to keep posing as casual as possible out on the shoot. I will come prepared with an idea of several posing options I think may work well for you or your family. However, if there are specific types of shots you’d like to try, please let me know what YOU are hoping for in your session. I find that different clients have different approaches to how they like posing to work, and I am entirely flexible to accommodating your preferences.  Some clients like to have a hand in the posing and work with me to get the best poses.  Other clients aren’t sure what to do and would just like me to explain to them exactly how to stand. If, at any time, you don’t like a particular pose or feel uncomfortable, feel free to just say, “Could we try a different one?” 


Part of looking your best in your photos is your smile. Allow yourself to break free for a while during the shoot.  Have fun and try new things.  If you’re enjoying the shoot, it will show in the pictures and make you look terrific. 


A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Photography

Kids can be shy around cameras too. Even the biggest “ham” of a child can clam up when there’s a new person with a camera in front of them. As a photographer, I appreciate the chance to develop my own rapport with your child during our session. Often they just need time to warm up to the experience. When working with children, it can sometimes be helpful to not have mom or dad attempting to direct them. When the parents are relaxed, it takes pressure off the child and everyone has a lot more fun. If I need your help, I won’t hesitate to ask you to jump in and give me a hand with a particular shot I’m hoping to achieve. Otherwise, don’t stress yourself out as the parent either. Have faith that we will get some “keeper” images the grandparents will be proud to show off, even if you feel like your child isn’t “cooperating” initially.


Newborns: They eat, they cry, they soil things; all to be expected. A newborn session takes longer because we anticipate that baby will have certain needs to attend to during our session. Following a feeding, baby tends to be sleepiest, so this is when I will attempt to shoot photos of baby sleeping in adorable poses. Sit back and relax during this portion of the session. This is a great chance for you to get a snack yourself! If your new baby has older siblings, this is also a good time for them to take a break from our photo shoot. Taking older children into another area of your home during this portion of the shoot will allow your new baby to sleep more deeply and aid in achieving stunning photos of your newest family addition.


Looking forward to the shoot!


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